Fact Sheets

Preview of How Can I Learn More about Product Performance? Preview of How Do I Choose a Wheelchair Cushion That Is Right for Me? Preview of How Does Caster Quality Affect User's Daily Life?

Performance Standards Overview

Learn about the application and benefits of product performance standards. 


Cushion Performance Overview

Learn how wheelchair cushion performance standards can benefit you.


Caster Performance Overview

Learn about the importance of caster safety, performance, and selection.


Preview of How Does Rolling Resistance Affect Manual Wheelchair Usage? Preview of Guidance on interpretation of performance standards for wheelchair users Preview of Interpreting wheelchair seat cushion performance standards

Wheel Rolling Resistance Overview

Learn about the effects of rolling resistance on manual wheelchair usage.


Cushion Performance Interpretation Guide (Tabular Form)

Learn how to interpret wheelchair cushion performance standard metrics.


Cushion Performance Interpretation Guide (Graphical Representation)

Learn how to interpret wheelchair cushion performance standard metrics



NEW Interactive Cushion Performance Data Tool (FAQ)

Learn how to explore a series of 50 cushions' performance data using our new tool.