Cushion Concierge: A Wheelchair Cushion Selection Tool

Logo with wheelchair and text "Cushion Concierge"

Cushion Concierge is envisioned as a comprehensive tool backed by cushion performance data (collected according to ISO and ANSI/RESNA standards) to help healthcare and industry professionals transform the wheelchair cushion selection process and advance evidence-based clinical practice.

Alexandra Delazio, MSc. David Brienza, PhD. Patricia Karg, MSc. Amanda Manko. Jonathan Birabaharan. Richard Heilman. University of Pittsburgh | Department of Rehabilitation Science and Technology. School of Health and Rehabilitation Sciences.

Winners of the 2021 University of Pittsburgh SHRS Innovation Challenge!

University of Pittsburgh School of Health and Rehabilitation Scien... 3.475 followers. 2mo. Lesser-known problems require brilliant solutions, and that’s exactly what all of the #PittSHRS Innovation Challenge teams presented in the annual competition in partnership with the Pitt Innovation Institute. Kudos to the winning teams – Cushion Concierge and CuffLink! #BoldMovesSHRS #H2P